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Located in Baldivis, Western Australia, AG Buffalo Turf Supplies is recognised as one of the leading Turf growers in the industry. While other companies offer different varieties of turf, our farm focuses all its efforts on a single variety, Sir Walter Premium Lawn Turf.

Supplying Sir Walter buffalo turf to the southern metropolitan suburbs of Perth, including Baldivis, Rockingham, Mandurah, Byford, Karnup and Wellard.

We are a small family operated business. We have been in the turf industry in Perth for more than 30 years. Graeme grows, sells and delivers the turf. This hands on approach ensures that AG Buffalo Turf Supplies only grows turf to the highest quality, and that the turf we deliver is also the highest quality.

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Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn

Turf Supplies

Ensuring top quality Sir Walter turf all year round is easy at A.G. Buffalo Turf Supplies.

We guarantee that all Sir Walter turf is harvested on the day of delivery and is top quality and weed free.
Quality control is assured as the owner harvests and inspects each roll before delivery to your location.


Sir Walter Premium Buffalo Turf

The uniquely Australian made blade. That’s Sir Walter, created and developed right here to cope with our harsh Australian climates.

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Lawn Installation

The installation do’s and don’t of your Sir Walter Premium Buffalo Turf. Make sure you are prepared before laying it down.

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Lawn Maintenance

Make looking after your Sir Walter Premium Buffalo Turf a walk in the park. Follow these tips and keep your lawn looking beautiful.

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Preparation for ordering your turf supplies

1. Measure & Select

Turf measuring is a simple process and all you are doing is calculating the area on the ground. Take your time and break the area up into small areas for accuracy. Click here for more information.

2. Site Preparation

It is very important to eradicate all vegetation on the site before installing your new turf. It is worth the 2 week wait to kill off all the previous lawns and weeds. Click here for more information.

3. Installation

When installing your Sir Walter turf, start from a straight edge and work across. Stagger the joints, just like a brickwork pattern. Push the edges of the rolls together tightly to avoid gaps. Click here for more information.

Sir Walter Premium Lawn Fertiliser

To keep your lawn looking green and healthy it is important to follow a regular fertiliser program. Ensure that you choose a slow release fertiliser with a good balance of nutrients.


Available in 4kg and 10kg.


sq metres


Soil Wetting Products

It is vital to the establishment and maintenance of your new Sir Walter turf that you follow a soil wetting program. In Perth our sandy soils tend to repel the water (hydrophobic). You might have noticed that after watering, puddles of water lay on the surface and do not penetrate into the soil. To combat this you need to apply professional quality soil wetting products. We use, and recommend a two part soil wetting program, Aqua Force and Bi-Agra. Aqua Force works by enabling water to penetrate evenly into the soil. Bi-Agra is a water storing product. It will assist in retaining moisture around the roots of the turf. Studies show Bi-Agra can reduce watering requirements by up to 50%.

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We are successfully supplying Sir Walter Premium Buffalo Turf to our clients in the southern metropolitan suburbs of Perth, including Baldivis, Canning Vale, Rockingham and Mandurah.


Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm

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Postal Address PO Box 3013, Myaree WA 6154

Phone (08) 9524 2364

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