Lawn Installation


Lawncare is easier than you imagine. Whether you are in Perth, Baldivis, Rockingham or Mandurah, lawncare can begin under any kind of environmental circumstances. So, here are some ways in which you can keep your efforts low and make your family happy with a beautiful lawn.

Creating a beautiful New Lawn

At first, you need to identify the surface in which you will be installing the new lawn. Here are some simple ways in which you can create a new lawn:

  • Always ensure that you apply a weed killer like Roundup, to remove any sort of weeds or existing old roots in the soil.
  • If the area already has good soil, then there is no requirement for additional soil matter. But if your existing soil is not ideal, you may need to add some ingredients like organic matter or a good quality sand/loam mix. The ideal amount would be a 100 millimeter layer underneath the turf.
  • To estimate how much soil you need, remember 1 cubic metre per 10 sq metres to create a depth of a 100 millimetres of soil. Your local soil supplier will also be able to advise you.
  • Cultivation of the soil is easy once the soil is placed and levelled out. Adding products like Sir Launcher or Turf Start Fertiliser, together with soil wetting products, will truly establish your soil for growth.

Ideal methods to Water your Lawn

  • Start watering your lawn the moment it is installed. It is essential to water all parts of the lawn methodically if you do not have reticulation installed. Make sure your reticulation is watering the lawn evenly.
  • Watering the newly laid lawn initially is important to establish the roots of the lawn. The roots should develop within two weeks. To check this, tugging on the grass will indicate their establishment. If it stays, the soil has cultivated the roots of the lawn.
  • Ideally, the amount of time required for establishing a lawn is usually one to eight weeks. This also depends upon the time of the year and the location of the lawn.
  • Make sure you get your watering exemption from the Water Corporation. This will give you more watering time for your new lawn.
  • Patchy lawns should not be a cause of worry for lawn-owners. Make sure you check for signs of insect damage or water penetration. Apart from these, mowing the lawn is a significant moment for any lawn-owner. Make sure that whenever the lawn is mowed, that you don’t mow below 20mm. Lawncare can be a breeze by following these simple techniques.

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