Lawn Maintenance

These are our tips and recommendations to help keep your Sir Walter lawn looking green and healthy all year round.


Fertilise regularly with slow release fertiliser;

  • October through to April – apply every 8 weeks
  • May through to September – apply every 6 weeks

Ensure you apply a well balanced buffalo lawn fertiliser and apply according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We would also recommend using a hand held fertiliser spreader to apply the product evenly.

Soil Wetting Products

To keep your lawn looking green through summer, it is vital to use good quality soil wetting products. It is important to note that not all soil wetting products perform equally. We use and recommend Aqua Force and Bi-Agra.

Aqua Force is applied to your lawn first, and then follow up the next day with an application of Bi-Agra. We would recommend the following schedule:



Some of the more common pests you may encounter with your Sir Walter lawn.

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Weed control

Some of the more common weeds you may encounter in your turf in Perth.

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Seed Head & Brown Patches

Some helpful tips on turf developing seed head and brown patches.

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