Ideal Methods to Water your Lawn

  • Start watering your lawn the moment it is installed. It is essential to water all parts of the lawn methodically. Make sure your reticulation is watering the lawn evenly. Use the catch cups issued by the Water Corporation for accurate measuring. Catch cups are issued free with your turf purchase.
  • Watering the newly laid lawn initially is important to establish the roots of the lawn. The roots should develop within two weeks. To check this, just pull the blades of grass at the edge of the roll. If it seems stuck to the ground, the roots have established in the soil.
  • The amount of time required for establishing a lawn is usually one to eight weeks. This also depends upon the time of the year and the location of the lawn.
  • Make sure you get your watering exemption from the Water Corporation. This will give you more watering time for your new lawn.
  • Patchy lawns should not be a cause of worry for new lawn-owners, its normal for the edges to go a little brown. Make sure you check for signs of inadequate water penetration.
  • Mowing the lawn is a significant moment for any new lawn owner. Ensure that whenever the lawn is mowed, that you don’t mow below 20mm. Lawncare can be a breeze by following these simple techniques