Sir Walter Premium Lawn

Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo turf was created and developed in Australia for our harsh climate. Sir Walter is suitable for a wide range of situations around your home, including sunny and shady areas. It not only is a soft lush lawn but is also strong enough to endure everyday Australian conditions.

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Soil Wetting Products

It is vital to the establishment and maintenance of your new Sir Walter turf that you follow a soil wetting program. In Perth our sandy soils tend to repel the water (hydrophobic). You might have noticed that after watering, puddles of water lay on the surface and do not penetrate into the soil. To combat this you need to apply professional quality soil wetting products. We use, and recommend a two part soil wetting program, Aqua Force and Bi-Agra. Aqua Force works by enabling water to penetrate evenly into the soil. Bi-Agra is a water storing product. It will assist in retaining moisture around the roots of the turf. Studies show Bi-Agra can reduce watering requirements by up to 50%.

Turf Start Fertiliser

To give your new Sir Walter turf the best start, it is recommended that you apply a good quality lawn start fertiliser. This fertiliser is spread evenly over the soil immediately before laying your turf.

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Premium Lawn Fertiliser

To keep your lawn looking green and healthy it is important to follow a regular fertiliser program. Ensure that you choose a slow release fertiliser with a good balance of nutrients. Always apply in accordance with the label instructions. We recommend the following fertiliser schedule: – October through to April – apply every 8 weeks – May through to September – apply every 6 weeks

This ensures that your lawn has adequate nutrient to survive the winter, and be looking good in spring.